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What Our Customers are Saying
Francisco Ortiz
Cali, Columbia

Utsumi makes my job easier and with the best results, no doubt it is a brand with the best tools on the market that provides us with quality and guarantee in each of its parts.  I love working with Utsumi!


My favorite tools are the U&U Quarter Wide Comb because it removes all imperfections and helps to gain as much volume as possible. 


The JYO BIG80 shears are perfect for heavy work such as cutting hair with a lot of volume in the shortest time, without a doubt the BIG80 are the scissors that makes you save time in a grooming competition or in our salons.  Cutting the most amount of hair easy and very precise.


I complement my grooming giving a wonderful finish with the ECO 1-80 light straight shears that gives us precision when polishing.


The U&U Curved shears are essential in any grooming.  They help us give shapes and lines that highlight the beauty and quality of our dog.


The U&U PA30 are one of my favorite thinning shears.  They help me mix any type of imperfections and it gives me the highest quality as it is a multifunctional scissor which I can use to make from a face to finishing in dogs with higher level of difficulty. 


Utsumi is the toolset that raises the potential of Pet Groomers by providing the best quality in their products.

Gabriel Feitosa
California, San Diego

Every time I groom a dog it feels like I’m holding a piece of art.  Utsumi is by far the most refined brand of shears and combs out there.  The PA30 is the best pari of blenders I’ve tried in my life.  From their sharpening to presentation is perfection all around. Strongly recommend.

Azareth Cantú
Monterrey, Mexico

I am a huge fan of all Utsumi shears, combs and accessories.  IU love the U&U 9” Half & Half for the light design that allows to easily work with the dog hair.  IU also like the Wide Pink Line Comb to give volume on the legs.  This comb is really awesome!  The thinner U&U PT40 became my best ally when doing pet grooming, especially for its functionality and precision.  My other favorite is the U&U BL 65/18.  Fool proof to polish and leave an extraordinary finish.

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